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BattleTanks II

July 31, 2007

An 3D tank battle game On the main menu, you choose whether to play a quick game (no setup options) or a normal game where you can choose the landscape, difficulty, aiming method, game stlye, etc. You can also head over to the extensive Options menu to adjust the effects level, sound/music volume, and more. […]


July 30, 2007

It’s 3D powerboat racing game. One player game against computer controlled players is not missing as well as multi player game in split-screen mode four players max in a game. One player game can be played in three modes. First mode is race against one to three opponents, second one is time trial against time […]

Jedi Training

July 30, 2007

To be a Jedi Knight you must train, and this game lets you train under the watchful eye of Yoda. Do well at training and Yoda will increase the speed of the training Droid, but if you are not up to the job Yoda will stop the training to stop wasting his time. The game:  […]


July 30, 2007

Hurrican is a freeware jump and shoot game created by Poke53280 that is based on the Turrican game series. Blast your way through nine action-packed levels filled with different enemies and powerups. The game: Downloadpage: Screens:

Grand Theft Auto 1&2

July 29, 2007

Grand Theft Auto is made up of a series of levels each set in one of the three cities in the game. In each level, the player has a target number of points to achieve, and five lives to attain the score. The player is free to do whatever he wants. The player can gain […]


July 29, 2007

Scorched 3D is a game based loosely (or actually quite heavily now) on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth “The Mother Of All Games”. Scorched 3D adds amongst other new features a 3D island environment and LAN and internet play. Scorched 3D is totally free and is available for both Microsoft Windows and Unix (Linux, […]


July 28, 2007

This is a 3d pacman clone with fun looking graphics and addictive gameplay. I would recommend you at least try this game to see if you become hooked. Screenshots and downloadlinks are again at the main-site. The game:

Stunt Playground

July 28, 2007

Stunt Playground is a fully 3D stunt driving game for the windows PC. the game features extremely realistic physics that are fully integrated into both the driving, and the editor as well. this means you can arrange the various props and jumps in any way imaginable. of course you can save and load your creations […]

Operation Spacehog

July 27, 2007

Operation Spacehog is a horizontal scrolling shoot’em up game for one or two players. If you ever played any old consol shooters you’ll know what it’s all about; control a small spacecraft in a battle against horrible odds. The game: (at the end of the page)


July 27, 2007

Disasteroids 3D is an OpenGL accelerated version of asteroids unlike any other! It has wicked 3D meteors, cool lighting effects, original asteroids sounds in stereo, an awesome 3D ship, particle effects, explosions, and force feedback support. Screenshost and downloads are at the main-page of the game. The Game: